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The President of the Republic
​Jan 17 - 20 ​​World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland
​Jan 23 ​18:00 ​​Launching of Institute of Engineers Mauriritus
​​Jan 25 11:00 Presentation of Credentials by H.E. Mr Mahamane Aoudou CISSE, Ambassador-designate of Mali
​Jan 31 ​​11:00 ​Presentation of Credentials by H.E. Mr Amos Koffi Djadan, Ambassador-designate of Cote d'Ivoire
​Jan 31 ​13:40 ​Courtesy call by Mrs Lagarde, Managing Director, International Monetary Fund
Feb 03 ​18:30 ​​Inauguration de la Salle Polyvalente, Lycée des Mascareignes
​Feb 06 ​09:30 ​​​Opening of Horizon 2020 workshop with the European Union at Labourdonnais Waterfront
​Feb 18 ​14:00 ​​Swearing-in-Ceremony - Rodrigues Regional Assembly
​Feb 20 ​09:00 ​African Business and People Forum at Labourdonnais hotel
​Feb 23 ​11:00 ​​​Presentation of Credentials by H.E. Mr Nedilson Ricardo Jorge, Ambassador-designate of Brazil
Feb 27 ​11:30 ​Presentation Of Credentials by H.E Mr Soehardjono Sastromihardjo, Ambassador-Designate Of The Republic Of Indonesia
Feb 29 09:00 ​Gender Diversty in Leadership organised by the Mauritius Institute of Directors
Mar 01 ​15:00 ​Lecture by Sir Venki  in collaboration with the British High Commission at Paul Octave Wiehe Auditorum, followed by the launching of the FAME Lab
Mar 02 11:00 ​Lecture by Sir Venki at the State House followed by Press Conference
​Mar 09 ​11:00 ​​​Courtesy call by the President and the Deans of four Traditionals Chinese Medicine Hospitals from Shanghai
​Mar 10 09:00 Celebration of Independance Day at the Hindu Girls College
Mar 10 ​14:30 Courtesy call by Vice Admiral A. R. Karve, + High Commissioner of India
Mar 10 17:30 ​​​Courtesy call by ​Vice-President of Ghana  H.E. Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
Mar 12 12:30 ​State Lunch in honor of H.E Dr. M. Bawumia
Mar 12 18:30 ​​Flag Raisin​g Ceremony at the Champs-de-Mars
​Mar 13 16:00 Garden Party at the State House
​Mar 16 ​11:00 ​​Presentation of Credentials by H.E. Mr Isaac Ananias Moyo, Ambassador-designate of Zimbabwe
Mar 21 ​11:30 ​Africa Economic Platform
Mar 23 ​19:00 ​Pakistan Day Reception at the Islamic Cultural Centre, Port Louis
Mar 26 ​18:30 ​46th Independence and National Day of the People's Republic of Bangladesh at Islamic Cultural Centre, Port Louis
​Apr 1 ​19:00 ​Launching of Book - Rotary of Vacoas, at Gymkhana, Vacoas
​Apr 10 ​09:00 ​Harvard, Boston
​Apr 25 ​14:00 ​Marjaana Sall EU Amb to visit State House
​Apr 26 ​11:00 ​Presentation of Credential by H.E. Mrs Monika Tomasovicova, Ambassador-designate of the Slovak Republic
​May 3 ​09:00 ​World Economic Forum
​May 8 ​14:30 ​Courtesy call by Mrs Oluyemisi Alatise, President of International Inner Wheel
​​May 10 ​18:00 ​Cocktail Dinatoire at the State House
May 20-28 ​Activity Week 2017
​May 22 15:00 Presidential lecture - British Antarctic survey
​​Jun 03 14:00 Memorial Lecture at State House for Guy Rouillard
Jun 07 ​11:30 Presentation of Credentials by the Ambassador-designate of the State of Palestine to Mauritius, with residence in Dar es Salaam
​Jun 08 ​10:30 ​Assise de la Sécurite Routière at Hennessy Park hotel
​Jun 13 ​09:00 EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2017
​Jun 15 ​09:00 World of Work Summit, Geneva
Jun 18 ​18:30 Launching of the Africa Code Week - Hilton Hotel
Jun 21 ​10:00 Presentation of ​​​​​​​Credentials - of H.E. Amrit Bahadur Rai, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Nepal to Mauritius with Residence in Pretoria, South Africa
​Jun 29 ​11:00 Climate Change Debate
Jun 30 09:00 Sherpa Meeting
​Jul 10 ​14:00 ​Celebration of Eid ul Fitr at Tamil League
​Jul 13 ​13:30 ​Celebration of 27th Anniversary of APDA​​​​​​​
​Jul 14 ​11:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of H.E. Mr Acislo Valladares Molina, Ambassador-designate of Guatemala to Mauritius 
​Jul 18-19 ​09:00 ​High Level Discussion on the Need to Engage the Worlds of Art, Nature and Science
​Jul 26 ​14:00 ​​Courtesy visit to the AfricaCode Week Workshops at the Ceridian Learning Centre, 1st Floor Orbis Court, St. Jean Road, Quatre Bornes​
​Jul 27 ​10:00 ​Presentation of Credential of H.E. Mr. Sun Gongyi, Ambassador-designate of China​
​Jul 27 ​11:30 ​Presentation of Credentials of H.E Maria Eugenia Correa Ambassador-designate of Columbia
​Jul 27 ​12:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of H.E, Ms. ​Jennifer Dee, High ​Commissioner Designate of Australia to Mauritius​
​Jul 31 ​11:00 ​Official Visit of Hon. Loustau-Lalanne, Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine of the Republic of Seychelles
​Aug 03 ​10:15 ​Dr. Hamad Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Kawari, Qatar's candidate for the post of Director General of the UNESCO
​Aug 03 ​11:00 ​Courtesy call of Mrs. Helena Budliger Artieda, Ambassador of Switzerland
​Aug 04 ​10:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of H.E. Mrs Jennifer Dee, High Commissioner of Australia
Aug 04 18:30 Na​tional Day Celebration of Switzerland
​Aug 05 ​11:00 ​Brainstorming Meeting on Drug Awareness
​​​Aug 05 ​15:00 Opening of Exhibition Exposition «Le Mystère des Roches», Chinese Cultural Centre, Port Louis​
​Aug 08 ​09:00 ​Presentation of Credentials - H.E. Mrs Sofia Calltorp, Ambassador-designate of the Kingdom of Sweden​
​Aug 08 ​10:30 ​H.E. Mr Joseph Gerard B. Angeles as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Philippines to Mauritius, with residence in Pretoria, South Africa​​​​
​Aug 09 15:00​ ​Launching Ceremony "transformation de la vinasse de canne en électricité, projet porté par Omnicane" at Savanah
​Aug 10 ​15:00 ​Tea Party for Athletes at State House
Aug 10 10:30 Conference on Innovation in line with the Swiss Week at the Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel
​Aug 11 ​18:30 50th Anniversary of Air Mauritius at Hennessy Park Hotel, Cybercity - Ebene
Aug 15 18:45 70th Anniversary of India's Independance at the Chamarel Ballroom, Le Meridien Hotel, Pointe aux Piments
​Aug 17 ​11:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of H.E. Mrs. Salamata SAWADOGO/TAPSOBA, Ambassador designate of Burkina Faso
​Aug 21 ​09:00 ​Meeting in Geneva
​Aug 27 ​08:00 ​TED Global
​Sep 05 ​14:00 ​Talk by Mr. Navi Radjou on "Frugal  Innovation: Building a Better World with Fewer Resources​"
​​ ​Sep 11 ​11:30 ​​“Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award - Gold Award Presentation Ceremony” at The Cultural and Leisure Centre, Mon Plaisir​
​Sep 12 ​11:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of H.E. Ambassador Ghorm Said Malhan Ambassador designate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Mauritius
​Sep 12 ​12:00 ​​Working Lunch with the Tanzanian Business Delegation of the following field: Sugar/Agriculture, Gemstone, Fisheries, Education and Training​
​Sep 14 ​09:30 ​Swearing-In Ceremony of the Newly Appointed Attorney-General ​
​Sep 14 ​11:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of Mrs Amélia Maio de Paivo, Ambassador Designate of Portugal accompanied by Mr José Barreto Ferreira, Her husband and by Mr Eric Raffray, the Honorary Consul​
​Sep 14 ​13:30 ​30th Prize Giving Ceremony of the Constance Awards for Education at Club House, Belle Vue Allendee, Constance
​Sep 15 ​14:00 ​Farewell call of H.E Mr Gilles HUBERSON
​Sep 21 ​09:00 ​Africa International Summit on African Leadership 2017
​Sep 27 ​12:00 ​CUT Conference on Harm Reduction and Drug Policies at Palms Hotel, Quatre Bornes​
​Sep 28 ​11:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of the Ambassador-designate of Italy to the Republic of Mauritius
​Sep 28 ​12:00 ​Presentation of credentials of H.E Mr Myint Swe to the President of the Republic of Mauritius
​Oct 02 ​09:00 ​Grand Challenge Meeting in Washington, DC
​Oct 12 ​11:00 ​Presentation of Credentials of H.E Mr. Emmanuel COHET​, Ambassador of France
​Oct 16 ​15:00 ​Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi and Divali at the Chinese Culture House, Baie du Tombeau
​Oct 22 ​08:00 ​International Labour Organisation (ILO) Meeting in Geneva
​Oct 26 ​13:20 ​Courtesy Call by H.E. the President of Seychelles
​​ ​​Oct 26​ ​15:00 ​Presentation of the Credentials of the Ambassador of the Hellenic Republic ​
​Nov 09 ​11:45 ​Presentation of Credentials of the Ambassador of the Central African Republic
​Nov 10 ​19:00 ​Barbara Hendricks concert​
​Nov 24 ​19:00 ​Annual Dinner of the Aeronautical Society of Mauritius (AeSM) at Gold Crest Hotel, Quatre Bornes​
​Nov 28 ​09:00 ​Opening of Merck UNESCO conference​