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The President of the Republic
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 Science and Technology Enrolment Programme (STEP)

​The PEI Foundation announced its first initiative in Mauritius, the Science and Technology Enrolment Programme (STEP), which began on February 29th at Le Bocage, a leading international school, with the support of Her Excellency the President Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim. STEP is an educational programme designed to deliver interactive study days in Mauritian schools, with the ultimate aim of increasing student enrolment within the sciences. STEP aims to change perceptions of science by widening students’ experiences and understanding of STEM (Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathematics) subjects by giving them opportunities to meet specialists, and allowing them to link the subject to the real world and career prospects.

President Gurib-Fakim and Dr. Aman Maulloo, Director of the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre, opened the first ever STEP day. This year, the PEI Foundation aims to run at least five full STEP study days at various schools across Mauritius. These days will be supplemented by additional workshops, excursions and visits from leading organisations and individuals from around the world.

Ultimately, the idea is to broaden students’ perceptions of science, and inspire them to pursue related careers. Moreover, the PEI Foundation plans to bring the best and brightest examples of cutting edge science and technology to Mauritius, creating international links and connections.